CBD Merchant Accounts





We help make paying customers and contractors simple...
Whether you operate in the "gig economy" and pay many contractors or you have a need to send payments to your customers, our solution is incredibly easy and payee friendly.  Today, payees want more control over how they are paid and we can offer multiple payment options that suit the needs of both the payer and the payee. This unique payout platform is ever-evolving with each new payment option that comes to market and can handle all of the 1099 compliance.  

How does it work?  With just a simple upload to the portal or through an API, all that is needed is the Payee Name, Email address and amount owed.  The payee receives an email letting them know there is a payment ready for them.  The payee is presented with choices on how they would like to receive payment based on their personal preference.  They can set a default for future payments that can be changed any time.

Payment Types:
  1. Direct Deposit/ACH
    Payee needs to supply their bank information. Typically 3-4 days to receive
  2. Instant Deposit
    Payee supplies their debit card information Funds available in seconds
  3. eCheck
    Payee does not provide any information Check is emailed instantly, can be printed and deposited at bank or through bank mobile app
  4. Paper Check
    Payee provides mailing address Paper check is mailed in 5-7 days
  5. PayPal
    Payee provides their PayPal account Funds transferred to account same day
  6. Virtual Card (coming soon)
    Money can be pushed to payee's Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay Wallet